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Engineered Stone Benchtops, Countertops & Worktops

Engineered stone is a composite consisting of approximately 90% crushed quartz bound by polymer resin, with other materials such as coloured glass, metals and mirrors frequently added for aesthetic appeal. It is most often used for kitchen and bathroom countertops and, at Australian Stone, we can manufacture and install engineered stone benchtops for your home.

Why choose engineered stone benchtops?

Many homeowners opt for engineered stone as the worktop material of their choice because of its resilient properties. It is renowned for being especially resistant to stubborn stains and it is 100% non-porous, so no matter what liquid is spilled onto the surface, it will not seep into the stone. Its non-porosity also makes it a popular choice for bathrooms and public wet areas, as it helps to keeps these more hygienic. Plus, as engineered stone is generally quite uniform in its structure, it has superior strength in its core values compared with other materials.

Choose Australian Stone for engineered stone countertops

We have a fantastic variety of engineered stone designs available in contemporary and elegant shades, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that perfectly complements the style of your home. All our benchtops are built to last, with no effort spared in providing you with the highest of quality, so contact us today or visit our showroom to find out more.