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Granite Stone Benchtops, Countertops & Worktops Australia

Granite, like quartz, is a very resilient mineral that is commonly used in the fabrication of benchtops. It is cut in its natural state and then polished so that it can be used for domestic applications such as countertops. While granite is a durable, hard-wearing material, it is recommended that you clean it with warm water and soap after each use to prevent stains from setting.

Why choose granite stone benchtops & countertops for your home?

As granite is a very strong material, it is highly unlikely to get scratched and it is resistant to sudden temperature changes, e.g. if a hot pan was placed on it. Its natural formation means that each granite worktop is unique, so if you’re planning to install one, it’s best to plan the kitchen style around that rather than vice versa. Granite worktops generally mix well with both traditional and contemporary kitchens, so there’s a strong chance that it would suit your home perfectly.

Buy granite worktops in Australia from the experts

If the durability and aesthetic brilliance of a granite benchtop appeals to you and you’d like to have one installed, give us a call at Australian Stone. We can find a granite countertop that’s perfect for your kitchen and we will install it for you quickly and tidily so that disruption to your day-to-day home life is minimal. Also, when the job is done, we’ll leave your home in just as pristine a condition as we found it, so make us your number one choice for granite worktops.