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Granite Kitchen Benchtops & Countertops

Granite is always a hugely popular choice as a material for kitchen benchtops because of its resilience and aesthetic appeal. When used for domestic applications like kitchen countertops, it is firstly cut in its natural state and then polished to make it ready for fitting.

Why choose granite for kitchen worktops?

The supreme strength of granite makes it incredibly unlikely to get scratched and it can resist sharp increases in temperature, so even if you placed a hot pan straight on it, the granite would not be affected, although this is not recommended.

The natural formation of granite makes each worktop unique, so many homeowners choose to plan their kitchen style based on the design of the countertop. One of the main appeals of granite, aside from its innate strength, is that it can easily fit into both traditional and modern kitchens, so it will almost certainly be an ideal choice for your home.

Choose Australian Stone for granite kitchen benchtops

If you would like an attractive, long-lasting countertop for your kitchen, then call Australian Stone to have a granite kitchen worktop fitted in your home. We have a tremendous range from which to select and our installation is quick and tidy, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine. Plus, we treat your home as if it’s our own, so we’ll leave the house in as immaculate a condition as when we start the work. That’s why you should make Australian Stone your go-to guys for granite kitchen countertops and slabs.